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Solar and Energy Saving Tips For The Average Homeowner

So many of us would love to help our environment. 

Every day millions of people search for ways they can contribute.  Whether it is recycling, volunteer work, or making their homes more green and energy efficient, the interest in helping our world move away from fossil fuels and waste, and towards energy efficiency is growing at an exponential rate.

On top of that, there is a huge amount of money to be saved, and energy to be preserved both for our economies and our individual wallets through the conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

This site is devoted to teaching the average person how they can have an incredible impact on our world, with a little effort, even if they have little means as far as their pocketbooks.

Every Person Can Make A Difference

Meet the Founders of Home Solar Energy!

Michael, Erica and John, the creators of this site, back in the college days

Bookmark our page and check back, as we will have tons of money saving tips, cool ideas for going green, and product reviews to help you save money and help the environment!

We haven't been around long, so we are constantly going to be adding content..  Here is what we have so far!

Check Out Our Blog! - Updates on our latest endeavors and research, as well as some great energy saving tips and answers to some common questions about GOING GREEN

Do It Yourself Solar Guides - This was a project that meant a lot to us. We promised ourselves this would be our first project when we started this site because the number of homes  eating up fossil fuels
compared to running on renewable energy is massive.  We wanted to find out how hard it really was, and share what we found with the public. 

We found that all three of us were able to complete building solar panels (Yes, even Erica =).... ) and we think every homeowner should give this a try.  You can see what we thought of the guides HERE

Visit Our Educational Sites, Tax Credits, and Rebates Page - Learn more about energy, and find out what kind of tax credits and rebates you can obtain for purchasing energy saving products, or installing renewable energy systems in your home. 

"Even if we were to dam every river in the world and put wind turbines where ever there is wind, it wouldn't be enough to provide for our energy needs. But with solar energy we could meet the world's energy demands."

- Jacob Karni, Director, Center of Energy Research

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